The 22nd Russia International Food Ingredients Exhibition 2019

Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co.,Ltd took part in the exhibition, showing it’s best selling products and company images. As one of bigger consumption market of agar and carrageenan, it was our second to introduce ourselves to Russian customers. We have been exporting our agar to Russia and Ukranie, the great success is we have gained our exclusive distribution cooperation with our Russian and Ukrainie customers.

Exhibition time: February 19-22, 2019
Exhibition venue: Moscow, Russia
Exhibition products: Agar & Carrageenan
Booth no.:B612

Exhibition Introduction:
Ingredients Russia Exhibition (FIR) was hosted by ITE Group PLC in the UK.The exhibition held since 1998, after 20 years of development the precipitation, the exhibition has become Russia’s most influential, the only food additives and ingredients professional exhibition, radiation throughout the former Soviet union, Russia ministry of agriculture, the Russian economic and trade development, the support of the Russian federation official institutions such as food additives producer.
For many years, food has been a traditional bulk import commodity in Russia, accounting for 1/4 of the total import, ranking second only to machinery and equipment and transportation means (accounting for about 35% of the total import) in all categories of imported commodities. Russian people rely heavily on imported food in daily life.At present, the production capacity of Russia’s domestic food ingredient industry is less than 50% of the national living needs, and about 90% of the additives on the market are imported from abroad. Russia has proved to be a very attractive market for food ingredient enterprises.As a big exporter of food, food ingredients and additives, China has a great advantage in terms of cost performance to Russia, and its trade volume is increasing year by year. In particular, vegetable protein, soybean protein, stevia, dehydrated vegetables and other products are welcomed by Russian wholesalers.

Range of Exhibits:
● Granulated sugar and syrup
● Baked products and desserts
● Fats, fat substitutes and edible oils
● Sauces and condiments
● Spirit, liqueur and wine
● Soy products
● Fruits, vegetables and nuts
● Starter cultures
● Spirits, liquors and wines
● Related service providers
● Colloids and starch
● semi-finished products

Exhibition pictures:



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