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Fujian Global Ocean food grade agar uses Indonesia and Chinese seaweeds as raw materials, which it is the natural substance extracted from seaweeds with scientific methods. The agar is one kind of hydrophilic colloids, which cannot dissolved in cool water but easily can be dissolved in boiled water and slowly dissolved in hot water.

Fujian Global Ocean food grade agar can form stable gel even solution below 1%, so it is one of the important raw materials in food industry. It can be better applicated in food as thickening agent, coagulating agent, suspending agent,emulsifying agent, preservative and stabilizing agent.
–Yogurt, milk and other dairy products
–Juice and other solid drinks
–Ice cream products
–Pudding, jelly products
–Cheese products
–Sauces and can food products
–Bread and other backing food
–Skin care and cleanser products

Technical Data Sheet

Arsenic(As)(ppm) ≤3mg/kg
PH 6~7
Salmonella Not Detected
Starch Test Pass Test
Gel Strength(g/cm²) 500-1500
Ash(%) ≤5


E.coli Not Detected
Turbidity (NTU) 20~40
Lead (ppm) ≤3mg/kg
Smell No Odor
Yeasts and moulds (cfu/g) ≤500

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