Compound Products

  • Jelly Powder

    Jelly Powder

    Jelly powder is made of carrageenan, konjac gum, glucose and other food raw materials, it is a direct solutions to making jelly. By using carrageenan compounded with other ingredients, the jelly powder can have the characteristics of coagulation, water retention and makes the jelly more soft. Jelly powder is a kind of high dietary fiber with rich water-soluble semi-fiber, which has recognized health care function at home and abroad. It can effectively expel heavy metal atoms and radioactive i...
  • Soft Candy Powder

    Soft Candy Powder

    Soft candy powder is usually a compound gel, similar to the use of food ingredients in jelly, agar-based of candy powder possess highly gel strength. It is possible to make soft candies with strong gelatinization, high transparency, crystal clear, strong elasticity and delicate taste by combining agar-agar, carrageenan and other ingredients.The soft candy made from food gum complex soft candy powder has smooth taste, more elasticity, good transparency, small additive amount, low cost, adjusta...
  • Beer Clarifying Agent

    Beer Clarifying Agent

    Beer Clarifying Agent is extracted from the top quality marine algae. As a natural green product, its safety has been accepted by United Nations Food Agriculture Organization. The efficacy of wort clarifying agent is to absorb protein of wort, remove congealable nitrogen, make beer clear and postpone the shelf life of beer. The beer clarifying agent has two types: granules and powder. It has the characteristics of simple uses, low cost and obvious effect, and it can efficiently improve the no...