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Fujian Global Ocean medicinal grade agar uses Gelidium as raw materials, extracted by more complicated and scientific methods, which it is essential to do biological cultivation.

Fujian Global Ocean medicinal grade agar has the advantages in low gelling temperature, good transparence, no precipitation, etc, .During in biological cultivation, agar as a good coagulating agent can transfer liquid bacteriological medium into solid or half solid bacteriological medium.

–Bacteriological cultivation –Medical reagent
–Herbal jelly and other Chinese herbal drugs
–Unguent or ointment.

Melting Temperature(1.5%)    78℃
Appearance      White powder
Gel Strength        600~900g/cm²
Phosphate Precipitation    No precipitation after high pressure


Arsenic(As)(ppm) ≤3mg/kg
PH        6~7
Salmonella        Not Detected

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