Enterprise Introduction

As a Sino-foreign sci-tech joint venture company in China specializing in R&D, production and distribution of algae hydrocolloids, Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was founded in 1990 with the bigger agar and carrageenan factory facing to domestic and international markets.

By adopting the seaweeds from Indonesia and China as the raw materials, Fujian Global Ocean relies on its advanced processing technology and improved extraction technology to produce every product with high quality; our major products are food grade agar, bacteriological agar, instant soluble agar, carrageenan, agaro-oligosaccharide and their compound products, the total yearly production capacity can up to 3000 tons. Our products has authorized by ISO, HALAL and KOSHER, also can meet China national standards and EU standards, and well sold throughout China and exported to Southeast Asian, European and American regions, etc.

As the key to marine biotechnology demonstration enterprise in China, Fujian Global Ocean has conducted and established extensive and in-depth cooperation and exchange with large scientific research institution and institutions of higher learning at home and abroad; its professionalized production and internationalized market leaves the company win customer compliments and cognition always.

By following the social sense of responsibility, keeping on achieving innovation and breakthrough, and chasing the best quality and perfect service, Fujian Global Ocean is devoted to providing customers at home and abroad the safe, healthy and environmental series products and services.